Use as outdoor AC

The upgraded COOLmax74 portable air conditioner proved high performance as an outdoor AC, even in Dubai’s harsh weather. The flexible discharge hoses directs the cold air stream to cool the needed area or person outdoors. Also tent cooling is another common application for an outdoor AC in UAE.

  1. The most important upgrade is the larger condenser. This allows for operations of the portable A/C in very high ambient temperatures.
  2. The second upgrade is the use of R410A refrigerant. This is more Eco-friendly and complies with modern standards.

So this is the best direct/spot outdoor cooling option. On the other hand if the required is huge air flow to cover big outdoor area, some will tend to discuss evaporative air coolers option.

Note: For best results and longer life span, The unit must be shaded & protected from direct sun



Cooling capacity 2 Tons
Power consumption 3 k.w
Weight 90 kg
Size 570x600x1200 mm
Max air flow 1200 m3/h
Condensate tank 20 L
COOLmax74 as portable outdoor ac